We continue to build our foundation on the simple principles of:

#1. Treating each property and resident relationship just like they were our own.

#2. Treating each clients financial statement as if they were our own.

#3. Strategically sourcing materials that provide a great result for the resident while providing the strongest return for the client.

#4. Strategic quality, urgency and execution used in responsiveness and approaches with residents, clients, and each other as coworkers.

#5. Continually investing in our internal team to help each other reach our personal and professional potential.

Our owner Merle Miller has 22+ years experience in purchasing, selling and managing both residential and commercial real estate and it continues to be his professional passion to this day. He remains an active Stewardship client himself and receives the same financial statements, responses/approaches to service calls, etc. that every other client does as well. This experience in the industry is applied to each property and we treat our clients' properties as if they were our very own. We’re fortunate to have an in-house maintenance team and a 20,000+ square foot warehouse that allows us to pool our client buying power, source materials strategically, house them right here in our warehouse and pass on savings to our clients whenever possible. Examples of this include purchasing nearly two semi-loads of interior lighting at an auction, and more recently negotiating the purchase of large quantities of door knobs and dead bolts as a result of a business buyout. We continue to purchase high volume items such as; paint, dead bolts, lighting, door knobs, plumbing and electrical supplies in bulk, store them in-house, and pass on savings to our clients. Approaches like this just seem to make sense to us and we’re excited to continue finding ways to save our clients money while giving our residents better quality items and quicker response times than the competition.

Contact us today and find out if we are the right fit for you!

Meet The Staff

Pic of Jake Allen
Jake Allen
Finance/Collections Coordinator

I am a Filipino, a new extended family member of SPM. I am part of the collections department that provides clients with ease in managing their finances for their homes. I like art, old music and meaty food. In my spare time, you will find me spending it with my family.

Pic of Michelle Leonard
Michelle Leonard
Utility Coordinator/Leasing Assistant

I am a mom of 2 kids and keep me on my toes between soccer, band & booster club meetings. I love watching movies reading, going to concerts and spending time with family & friends.

Pic of Toby Schrader
Toby Schrader

I have been an HVAC/R Technician for the past 29 years and I really love the camaraderie at Stewardship! I am a proud Army Veteran and in my spare time I enjoy spending time with my grandkids as well as keeping up with military news and history.

Pic of Melissa Cox
Melissa Cox
Finance/Maintenance Billing Coordinator

I am the new member of the Finance Team from the Philippines. I will be supporting the Finance Department and will be doing some of the internal auditing for SPM. I really love nature so much -- beaches and trees. I also like to travel with family and friends.

Pic of Tyler Kuhns
Tyler Kuhns
Leasing/Transactional Agent

I joined the team in early 2022. I have since became a licensed real estate agent! I love helping new and experienced investors with all of their real estate transaction needs. I am also a new investor myself and enjoy learning new things about investment strategies. In my free time I enjoy travelling, playing basketball and spending time with family and friends.

Pic of Jenna Harding
Jenna Harding
Finance Manager

I have worked in the property management field for the last 2 years. What I love the most about Stewardship is that we treat all of our tenants, clients and employees with the highest level of respect and appeciation! I love spending my free time with my 2 kids and I love to read!

Pic of Jessy Giles
Jessy Giles
Maintenance Coordinator

I have been in property management for 3+ years. I love to travel, go to concerts, and cook.

Pic of Angie Riley
Angie Riley
Finance/Maintenance Billing Support

I started working at SPM in May 2022, up to present and I am under the Finance Department. I love the people, culture and working environment at SPM and so far they are one of the BEST. I usually spend my rest days and holidays going out with family and cooking delicious food for them.

Pic of Jonny Dallas
Jonny Dallas

I’m a Licensed Real Estate Agent here at Stewardship Realty! I love to work with our Investor Clients and Tenants when they are Buying, Selling, and Leasing Units! Feel free to give me a call anytime at 330-590-1573!

Pic of Nancy Drake
Nancy Drake
leasing agent

I am a leasing agent here at Stewardship in the process of obtaining my real estate license. In my free time my husband and I work on our homestead keeping honey bees, chickens and goats. Outside of homesteading I spend the majority of my time outdoors and traveling locally.

Pic of Josh Thomas
Josh Thomas

I am the father of 3 beautiful children! In our spare time we love to fish, play basketball and football and just spend quality time with family!

I really appreciate the opportunity that Stewardship has given me to enhance my skills and become part of such an awesome team in a great atmosphere!

Pic of Gene Dawson
Gene Dawson

I have worked in construction for the past 30 years and property management for the past 6 years. I love utilizing my skills to be able to help our tenants and clients when needed. I also love being part of such a great team at Stewardship! I am married with 3 grown children and in my spare time, my wife and I love to camp, fish and golf!

Pic of Shawn Green
Shawn Green

I am a husband to my amazing wife and father of our 5 awesome, fun loving children! We love to go camping, hiking, play games and the occasional nerf gun war! Most importantly, we are a family that puts our faith in Jesus Christ!
I strive to bring value to Stewardship with my background in management, construction and investing in real estate.
Stewardship is an amazing place to work and I'm very proud to be part of the team!

Pic of Jeff Gooden
Jeff Gooden

I am a graduate of McKinley High School and have been working in construction for over 20 years. I consider myself a Jack of all Trades! There is nothing I feel I can't do! In my spare time I like to fish and garden. I'm very happy to be a part of the Stewardship Team!

Pic of Christine Eash
Christine Eash
Resident Relations/Leasing Coordinator

I became a member of the Stewardship family in 2022. I am excited to be part of this caring organization! Besides coming to work, I love getting away to my second home in WV, where I am surrounded by thousands of acres of woods and wildlife. Spending time around a campfire with great friends and my awesome family.

Pic of Paul McBride
Paul McBride

I have been in construction on and off for the last 40 years. I enjoy taking something old and making it look new again! In my free time I love to fish and camp and I love woodworking!

Pic of Christine Adams
Christine Adams
Executive Assistant

I have worked in real estate for the past 9 years and just recently started working in the property management field. Stewardship is an amazing company and I'm excited for the opportunities to come! In my free time my husband and I love to check out all of the local amazing restaurants in our area and I love to shop!

Pic of Andrea Sunseri
Andrea Sunseri
Maintenance Support

I am excited to be part of the Stewardship Team! In my free time I love spending time with my daughter, dog and family who are my whole world!

Pic of Meredith McCartney
Meredith McCartney
Broker / Director of Client Onboarding

I began working with Stewardship in 2017 and I absolutely love the atmosphere of respect, kindness, and generosity. I serve as the Broker of Stewardship Realty and Director of Client Onboarding for SPM. I currently live in Bolivar with my husband and two children. I love to travel, play the piano, watch movies and spend time with my family.

Pic of Merle Miller
Merle Miller

I was born in the Holmes County Amish Community, I was actually Amish myself until 3 years old and after High School, I took an interest in real estate investing and bought my first rental property at 22 years old while I lived in one unit. After this first purchase, I continued to save money and bought additional properties when I could. Today, my wife and I are fortunate enough to own approximately 60 residential apartment units as well as a few post offices and several commercial buildings. I started Stewardship about 9 years ago with my good friend and fellow investor Andy Hussar after seeing a need for a more strategic approach to property management here in our area. To this day, virtually every approach we take originates from my own preferred approaches as a landlord and client of Stewardship myself. These days I love spending my time hanging out with my wife and our 3 kids, talking with new prospective clients, managing my inbox, smoking ribs and fishing!