Meet The Staff

Pic of Angela Anderson
Angela Anderson
Director of Finance/Controller

I have been at SPM since August 2019 and serve in the finance department. I love to travel, read, and enjoy life with my family and friends.

Pic of Meredith McCartney
Meredith McCartney

I began working with Stewardship in 2017 and I absolutely love the atmosphere of respect, kindness, and generosity. I serve in the Finance department and as Broker for Stewardship Realty. I currently live in Bolivar with my husband and two children. I love to travel, play the piano, watch movies and spend time with my family.

Pic of Heidi Miller
Heidi Miller
Resident Management

I was born in the Holmes County, Ohio area, and currently reside there with my husband and 3 beautiful children. I currently spearhead applicant and resident communication and have done so for approximately two years. Some of my greatest passions are spending time with my family and attending my kids’ sporting events.

Pic of Jonny Dallas
Jonny Dallas
Senior Transactional Agent

Licensed Real Estate Agent working with the Client Relations Team at Stewardship Property Management. Call me at (330) 590-1573 with any questions about Property Management, Buying, Selling or Leasing!

Pic of Brian Swihart
Brian Swihart
Maintenance Tech

I've been with Stewardship for 8 months and love the job. I've been in this line of work since 1994 and counting. My favorite part of maintenance is troubleshooting and making people feel cared about. I like cooking, camping, fishing and spending time with my wife Michele, she's a wonderful person. I love ice cream, but who doesn't?? My goal is to travel the USA with my wife and meet as many people as I can. SPM is a wonderful place to work with a great bunch of people.

Pic of Annie Stilwell
Annie Stilwell
Finance Specialist

I have been at SPM since January 2021 and I work in the finance department. I genuinely love finance and anything to do with numbers. I am currently a senior at Kent State University. I also love playing acoustic guitar, taking my dog Nala on hikes, and exercising. Although it might be unusual to some, on rainy days I like watching YouTube videos on investments and passive income.

Pic of Crysann Swihart
Crysann Swihart
Maintenance Tech

I am a maintenance technician and have been on the team for around 2 and a half months. I enjoy spending time with my family, friends and fur babies.

Pic of Jake Allen
Jake Allen

I am a Filipino, a new extended family member of SPM. I am part of the collections department that provides clients with ease in managing their finances for their homes. I like art, old music and meaty food. In my spare time, you will find me spending it with my family.

Pic of Merle Miller
Merle Miller

At 22 years old, our owner Merle Miller bought his first rental property over 20 years ago and started Stewardship as an active investor who struggled to find a management company that understood and implemented investor-led approaches to day-to-day management. To this day, virtually every approach we take to property management (whether it’s vacancy renovations, leasing, collections, every day maintenance issues, etc.) originates from his own preferred approaches to landlording that he continues to be passionate about to this day. He and our team genuinely believe in the good old fashioned “Golden Rule” and do our best to implement and execute with that in mind on a daily basis. We continue to actively seek out better ways to approach any/all aspects of our business including how we bring results to our residents, our internal team, subcontractors, etc.

Pic of Bailey Clark
Bailey Clark
Maintenance Tech

My name is Bailey Clark and I enjoy construction.

Pic of Amy Longaberger
Amy Longaberger
Leasing Coordinator/Preventative Maintenance

I have worked in property management for over a year & a half now, both in HUD housing also regular housing & real estate for 4 years. I loved making connections with clients and hopefully helping their life progress from finding a place to call home and maybe bettering their lives. I love camping, traveling & spending time in the Florida Keys.

Pic of Niccia Curlutu
Niccia Curlutu
Painting Tech

Painting is my therapy!

Pic of Ron Viles
Ron Viles
Maintenance Supervisor

I've been with Stewardship for 2 months and love it here. I've been a maintenance supervisor/technician for over 30 years. I love to troubleshoot issues and get them resolved for the residents. In my spare time I like to go to car races, fish, and be a crew member for a hot air balloon pilot.

Pic of Anne Mills
Anne Mills
Resident Communication / Leasing Assistant

Bio Coming Soon!.

Pic of Jimmy Digman
Jimmy Digman
Maintenance Tech

Bio Coming Soon!.

Pic of Crystal Byler
Crystal Byler
Executive Assistant

I started working at Stewardship in October of 2021, and so far I am really enjoying the work environment and the culture of our SPM family. I work primarily as Merle's executive assistant and I also serve in client relations. Outside of work, I am a full-time student at Kent State University, majoring in communication. Some of my favorite things include iced caramel macchiatos, singing loudly in the car, and going on adventures with my puppy.

Pic of Melissa Cox
Melissa Cox
Finance/Maintenance Billing

I am the new member of the Finance Team from the Philippines. I will be supporting the Finance Department and will be doing some of the internal auditing for SPM. I really love nature so much -- beaches and trees. I also like to travel with family and friends.

Pic of Carter Huff
Carter Huff
Maintenance Tech

I like hiking and photography.

Pic of Tom Lamb
Tom Lamb
Maintenance Tech

I like guitars and woodworking.

Pic of Jim Hockensmith
Jim Hockensmith
Maintenance Tech

I like spending time with family and grilling.

Pic of Amber Stalder
Amber Stalder
Cleaning Tech

Hi my name is Amber and I’m a cleaner at Stewardship. I have 3 kids and I enjoy bowling with my family.

Pic of Dan Dalesandror
Dan Dalesandro
Maintenance Renovation Supervisor

I like the outdoors and enjoy camping, hiking, and fishing.

Pic of Lacey Wolf
Lacey Wolf
Maintenance Coordinator

I am a mom of teen boys who keep me busy with sports and after school activities. I love reading, summer, paddle boarding, and camping with family.